Add Cool Organic Clothing to Your Wardrobe

Why Choose Cool Organic Clothing from Ensemble? 

For the simple reason that, on this planet where the whole world is connected thanks to social networks and by the magic of the internet, we have the possibility to change things and to work for a better world. It is for this reason that we decided to create this collection of eco-responsible and sustainable clothing, with the aim of raising awareness of environmental issues. Our range of sustainable clothing is made from organic cotton with all the certifications. Knowing that organic cotton production uses around 80% less water than conventional cotton and also knowing that the cotton industry is one of the most polluting in the world, it becomes necessary to act as quickly as possible. in order to change things. This is why ENSEMBLE exists: to create an additional link between people and for our beautiful planet to regain its colors. Together, let's create a better world!

It is with care and quality that our clothes are made in Amsterdam. In addition to collections with innovative designs and in the era of time, Ensemble clothes are eco-responsible:

  • A 100% organic cotton with ethical production.
  • A print based on locally produced vegetable inks.

Because we are concerned about taking care of the planet and also of your skin, our textiles guarantee you a feeling of fluid, light and breathable material.

Premium quality without compromise, throughout the process, because you deserve the best: to feel comfortable in your clothes and at the same time working for the planet.

This realization that each purchase choice is important and can make a difference, Ensemble has chosen to believe in it and act responsibly. If you too want to join the organic movement in style, don't wait any longer:


The selection that we make for our online shop is of course only a part of what the sustainable clothing market now offers, and you may not always find it if you are looking for something special. However, we aim to offer a wide range of modern, everyday clothing: from rather young organic streetwear styles to slightly more chic outfits.

In addition to these criteria, high quality and processing of our offer are of course important to us. Because no one needs more clothes that are worn out or broken after being worn 5 times. And finally: we just have to like the parts in our shop ourselves.