The fashion industry has been following a wild trend for many years, putting huge chunks of clothes into the trash. Every month the fashion magazines get flooded with models setting new clothing trends, and it all leaves our planet to suffer. The buyers disregard a massive quantity of clothes due to the new trends, and the manufacturers pay no attention to the damage it causes to the Earth.

Choosing organic clothing over conventional apparel has been in the following for a pretty long time now. However, the organic streetwear concept still seeks a significant identity among the masses.

Ensemble has been set up as a unique, organic clothing brand to favour sustainability. With unique quality parameters, we have established ourselves as an organic, clean streetwear brand and have gathered good support from people all over Europe and across.

We believe that educating consumers about eco-friendly clothing habits is as essential as wearing organic clothing. To divert the mindset of people to a place where they can proudly prefer to wear organic streetwear, Ensemble advocates the need to add a few good habits that highly support the idea of wearing sustainable clothing.

Repair Damaged Clothes

Spending money on repairing damaged clothes rewards your pocket and nature. Ensemble believes that wearing repaired clothes is not a look of the poor but the habit of responsible people. Break the odd prejudices of society and carry yourself as a being of higher beliefs by switching to some good nature-friendly clothing habits.

Choose Quality over Quantity

The irresponsible shopping habits of people have caused some lethal damage to the Earth. You fill up your shopping bags every other day to keep up with the latest trends. It leads to accumulating a pile of unused clothes in your wardrobe that has been outdated by the latest trends.

To supply these rich clothing demands, apparel manufacturers don't think twice and start stocking the warehouse with clothes made of poor quality material with a cheap price tag. Such poor quality clothing creates a massive quantity of textile waste, and our nature pays a high price for these cheap clothes.

Ensemble educates the masses to make intended purchases and prioritize quality over quantity. Understanding your fashion requirements, Ensemble offers a well proportionate blend of style and quality in its affordable, sustainable streetwear.


Go sustainable without compromising fashion and get your wardrobe filled with premium quality, trendy organic hoodies, t-shirts, pants, t-shirts, sweaters, and more.

Holding the badge of being the most fashionable and sustainable clothing brand in Europe, Ensemble is changing people's perception regarding vegan clothing options.

Visiting a tailor to get your damaged cloth repaired before buying a new one can cause a remarkable decrease in the production of textile waste.

Check out Ensemble's organic clothing store online and be a part of the revolution that aims to make sustainability a way of life.