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We care about the people.


Transparency is a fundamental component of any sustainability policy. At present, we work with a supplier who works with only five partner factories in Bangladesh and one in China. We want to build a supportive, long-term and collaborative relationships with them.

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We work closely with the FairWear Foundation (FWF) to systematically monitor the working conditions
and practices in our partner factories, and to implement concrete action plans to improve them.
Monitoring is carried out in three ways:

Regular visits from HQ (2-3 times per year)

Daily factory visits by our local team in Dhaka

Formal FWF audits ( once every 2-3 years )

We care about people
Proudly made in Bangladesh and Fair Wages

We work with the best factories in Bangladesh. With around 15 million pieces bought every year from Bangladesh, our partner is proud to have contributed to the country’s economic upgrade, and the social advancement of its workers. To improve working conditions for the people who make our clothes, there are also additional services.

Like, on-site childcare All our factories offer childcare on site and most offer scholarships to workers’ children. And there is a
supermarket inside the factory where workers can do their shopping with discount coupons. This way they keep more money from their salary to spend on other things.

We choose to work with some of the most ethical and responsible factories in the country. Our partners not only guarantee the legal minimum wage and fundamental legal requirements such as in-house childcare facilities, maternity leave and medical cover, but also offer additional benefits, like we mentioned before, to their workers.

Good working conditions
We are a member of FAIR ware foundation

FairWear Foundation (FWF) is an independent organisation that works with apparel brands, garmentworkers and textile industry influencers to improve labour conditions in garment factories. FWF are active in Bangladesh where they audit factories and support trade unions to lobby European government.