Organic Clothing

Ensemble produces high quality and durable organic clothing with maximum quality and environmental compatibility. Our goal is to combine a passion for good design organic clothing with the care of craftsmanship and the cost advantages of industrial production.

We use our Sustainable fashion company and our investments to make an active contribution to climate protection. We invest in innovations and technologies that make better organic clothing, make manufacturing processes more environmentally friendly, and recyclable raw materials.

Long-term, loyal partnerships mean more to us than short-term profits. Social responsibility is the basis for our team, our customers and our partners.

Our Sustainable organic streetwear team is different - and therefore, one of our greatest strengths. We learn from our differences, our experiences and approaches and develop together with our customers and partners.

With care, tolerance, respect, and goodwill, we believe that everyone has to create high-quality, desirable Organic hoodie/t-shirt/pants/shorts/sweater products.


Our vision is a 100% sustainable textile finishing process of producing organic clothing - from textile production to transport.


Our mission is to establish environmentally friendly production of organic clothing, and processing fair and social working conditions in the textile industry.

Think Organic

We are constantly expanding our product range in organic cotton and offer collections made from 100% certified fair trade organic cotton. It is grown in an environmentally friendly way without pesticides, artificial fertilizers or genetically modified seeds. This is healthier for the workers on the cotton farms, better for nature and wonderfully soft for wearing comfort and skin tolerance. With this, we support - together with our customers - a fair business for the cotton farmers (socially and economically) and the protection of the environment with our organic clothing concept.

Social Responsibility

We share values ​​to create value together. Ensuring socially acceptable working conditions is an essential part of our corporate philosophy. Our specially developed code of conduct is the basis and prerequisite for every business relationship with our suppliers.