Organic Cotton vs. Regular - What’s the difference?

The  3 trillion dollars massive global apparel market is a beast itself. To keep the supply and demand chain in order, manufacturers tend to fill the requirements with low-quality fibers and produce garments that stand not on quality standards. And the scariest part, the production of such chemically grown fabrics poses severe hazards to nature. 

Putting an interesting fact on the table here, Cotton is accountable for more than 50% of the fiber needs across the globe. It leads to unnatural and chemical practices, and cotton producers focus on growing quantity rather than quality.   There is a valley of differences between organic Cotton and regular Cotton, but the benefits of using organic Cotton can be well identified in the name organic Cotton itself.

Understand the Difference

● Purity

It is the first difference between organic and regular Cotton. Regular Cotton is either hand-picked or from machines, while the same process involves no machine in the case of organic Cotton. To cope with the immense demand for Cotton, regular cotton producers rush through cotton picking. Organic Cotton is not put through the harsh use of machines and is only hand-picked generously.

● Farming

The difference between organic and regular Cotton starts initially from the purpose of growing it. A greedy mindset always weighs in the thoughts of farming Regular-Cotton, for it focuses on quantity. Regular Cotton is grown from genetically modified seeds that are made to resist bugs. It then requires excessive use of pesticides that are not favored by the organic fundamentals of Ensemble Organic Clothing Brand.

Regular Cotton requires heavy irrigation and strong pesticides that degrade the land, while organic Cotton keeps the quality of land intact.

● Weeding

To keep the cotton crop free from the damage of bugs, regular cotton producers use hazardous chemicals to kill weeds. Farmers who use these killer herbicides attract severe diseases and fall sick out from the practices of growing regular Cotton.

Organic Cotton is cultivated using natural methods and keeps our beloved farmers distant from any health issues. It is another highly focused reason why Ensemble has been established as a clean organic brand.

Ensemble - The Honest Clothing Brand

As an honest clothing brand, Ensemble has concentrated all the benefits of organic Cotton into its organic hoodies, t-shirts, pants, shorts, sweaters. We buy only 100% cotton to manufacture premium,  sustainable and affordable clothing.

We are the most authentic sustainable clothing brand situated in Amsterdam, working with the aim of adding more sustainable clothing to your wardrobe. Discover a wide range of organic wear at the Ensemble online store.