Fashion is cheap, short-lived and anything but sustainable. But who pays the real price for increasingly fast-moving clothing? Toxic chemicals, water pollution and appalling working conditions are well-known problems in the industry.

ENSEMBLE is different: We value quality and high-quality workmanship. Above all, we want consumers to start appreciating their clothes again and wear them for as long as possible. With a view to greater sustainability, we are therefore developing extra-durable materials and investing in modern production facilities.

"Real sustainability is quality that lasts a lifetime."

ENSEMBLE represents globally responsible fashion, offering quality sustainable clothing products that are produced in harmony with man and nature. By this we mean respect for the people who produce them and consideration for nature, which supplies the raw materials. That is why we offer fair trade and ecologically sustainable fashion with ethical standards.

When selecting the sustainable hoodie/t-shirt/pants/shorts/sweater, we pay attention to perfect cuts and workmanship, high-quality and unusual materials and well-thought-out details. Our offer is characterized by a selected mixture of well-known, international brands and smaller, local labels. It corresponds to the philosophy of Ensemble to offer a platform to young, ambitious designers - who produce in the sense of sustainability.

Our carefully selected and coordinated range forms a link between timeless classic and trend-oriented sustainable fashion.


All of our suppliers are in the immediate vicinity of each other: in this way, we can minimize the transport of both the preliminary products and the final items. In addition, only machines with A or B energy efficiency are used in our factories.


More, faster, cheaper is often the motto in the fashion industry. That is why all our sustainable clothing products are made individually. We only start customizing your cool vegan clothing after we have received your order.

We use 100% sustainable materials made from organic cotton to manufacture our sustainable clothing products. Organic cotton is a natural fiber that is GMO-free and, due to a thicker, water-storing humus layer, is significantly more economical in terms of water consumption than conventional cotton. No chemicals are used in the production, neither artificial fertilizers nor pesticides - in contrast to conventional cotton. Our sustainable clothing is 100% GOTs certified.