Sustainable Clothing Is a New Era of Fashion

Urban fashion is also eco-friendly, we are not concerned with what they will say but what we do.

The environment does not stop sending us warning signals about the tendency we have to respect flora, fauna, pollution ... it is our job to do an act of conscience or not.

More and more consumers are committed to changing our consumption habits and setting a good example by buying ecological, organic, km0 products and many other options.

A good example is promoting the purchase of Organic hoodie/t-shirt/pants/shorts/sweater.

Brands that Certify Sustainable Clothing

When it comes to certifying that garments are organic, there are several organizations that make sure that the products are manufactured in an organic and ecological way.

Organic hoodie/t-shirt/pants/shorts/sweater with style and quality

At ENSEMBLE, we are committed to vegan hoodie/t-shirt/pants/shorts/sweaterthat can reduce our impact, which is why a large part of our sustainable clothingcatalogue is organic.

We are an alternative brand that bets on organic cotton garments online, with quality and we like good vibes and ink.

We achieve top quality finishes on ecological or organic supports.

Fair Trade

We want each human being to have a fair salary for their work. This is essential to choose the best organic clothing brands.


Organic means natural, this is the keyword for our selection of organic fashion with the best ecological materials.


It means for us to think and act in the long term, with products that last for their quality and design in time. Everything is one, caring for the environment, human beings and animals. It is sustainable fashion.


In our sustainable clothing store, you find products that are made with recycled materials to generate a healthy ideology.

Good For You - Good for Nature - Good for People

ENSEMBLE is basically a win-win-win situation, as all parties involved benefit from it. We provide you, our valued customers and followers, with garments in top notch quality and in current but still creative designs.