Sustainable Clothing

Let's Get More Sustainable with Cool Designs.

With our label, we have decided not to subject ourselves to changing fashion collections but to create stable essential fashion that lasts for years and is wearable all year round. We are thus rebelling against excessive production in the fashion sector. We favour a change in the handling of individual and stable fashion and the breaking of constantly new trends.

For us, wearing the Ensemble Amsterdam label means less the brand than the message of sustainable fashion.

We say YES to fair manufacturing conditions. Our Ethical and sustainable clothing brand clearly say YES to organic cotton. It is not just the goods that we sell, but also the labels and packaging. As far as we can, we implement sustainability - right through to shipping. We think that it has a future.

Organic wear has a future. We are sure to find organic fashion that can be beautiful and also individual. Favourite pieces and eye-catchers that will be remembered.

We have two production steps, so to speak:

The blank product production by our manufacturer and the production of the finishing process on our machines. Ensemble naturally also consists of shop maintenance, administration, IT production, the artists, sometimes on-site, accounting and logistics.

Our Values

We want to provide you with Sustainable clothing products of high quality. In doing so, we take responsibility and ensure compliance with social and ecological framework conditions - throughout the entire value chain.

Ensemble Cool Vegan Clothing - Sustainably and Fairly Produced.

All textiles in our shop come from suppliers who are also committed to sustainability to a large extent and who actively practice it. As a supplier for many of our fashionable textiles, we ensure that sustainable clothing is humane, ethical and environmentally friendly.


At Ensemble, we look after very different business, club and private customer sectors in various online shops. We have started an online shop that focuses exclusively on sustainable clothing products. Because we want to ensure that the entire value chain is both ecologically and ethically justifiable. The products must be of high quality and durable at the same time so that they have a lasting effect and can be worn by you for a long time.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our Sustainable basics and Affordable sustainable clothing today.